Relational Science


How do we want to be together? How do we want to communicate and collaborate? How can we create relationships and groups based on trust, mutual support and a sense of belonging? How can we scale trust? These questions form the basis for relational science. We explore these questions both theoretically and, importantly, practically in the form of action research. We are a group of dedicated researchers who share, practice, test, review and revise various relational formats in order to synthesise best practices, frameworks and curricula. The relational formats we are exploring are inspired by microsolidarity, generative social fields, compassionate systems theory, contemplative dialogue, authentic relating, circling and others. One aim of this line of inquiry is to create what Rich Bartlett calls a “mutual aid process for dummies”. In other words, how can we create a minimally viable group structure that enables novice groups to sustainably support each other.

A second branch of this research endeavour consists of testing different frameworks for harnessing collective intelligence and decision-making. These processes are currently explored both in live-formats as well as with the support of online tools.